Italian Holidays 2021

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2020 certainly had its challenges for us all and we are eager to begin anew and are already making plans. Here at Italian Holidays, our master plan is to improve what we offer and we have listened to your suggestions. So we are tweaking our trips here and there. You asked for:

  • More ‘alone time’
  • More shopping time
  • More ‘experiences’
  • More beach time
  • Lots of walking
  • More dancing!

We have been asked about trips and tours beyond what we already offer. To this end, we are introducing a trip to southern Italy, including Calabria and Sicily, and are looking forward to exploring this area in more detail.

We continue to build our website as our collection of experiences, education, photos and videos amass! And although traveling during the coming months may continue to challenge us all, we know for sure that Italy is waiting for us as always.

We look forward to being part of your next Italian holiday.