15 night stay during the olive harvest in Italy

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This 15 night stay during the olive harvest in Italy is designed especially for you to become completely immersed in the Italian culture.

At the end of October through the month of November, in the area of Vallecorsa, Lazio, people are harvesting their olives. And that includes us. We have over 250 trees and each olive has to be collected by hand – and we are not alone. There are many other growers who need help during this season. We hope that you can join us for the opportunity to take part in this unique experience.

  • Olive picking in the Lazio region begins in October through to November

Our tours are designed for you to experience life as it is lived in Italy.

Your accommodation choice can range from the local Vytae Spa Resort, to an apartment or bed and breakfast. This will depend on your own budget and how immersed you would like to be in Italian culture during your stay.

Vytae Spa Resort, Vallecorsa

Our days will include being in the olive groves, some sight-seeing, a great deal of eating and relaxing. However, should we have a group of people who would like to see Rome or the Amalfi Coast, we will do our very best to accommodate you. Therefore prices may vary from person to person and from group to group.

We want you to get the most out of your trip but we still need to harvest those olives!


● Pick-up and drop-off at Rome Fiumicino Airport

● Train and car travel

● Dinner and some lunches

● All tour fees and administrative costs to all sites on the itinerary

Olive Harvest in Italy itinerary will include:

  • Olive picking
  • Trips to the local market
  • Truffle hunting
  • Local festivals and Sagras
  • Pizza making in the hills
  • Dinner with the family
  • A cooking class in the olive groves of Umbria
  • A trip to the Frantoio (where the olives are made into oil)


● Some lunches and gratuities

Itinerary will be subject to change.